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From over 30 years, the reference for your Holiday Home.

About Us

MEDIACONSUL has been operating on the real estate market for more than 30 years. During this time it has been dedicated to the research and development of real estate projects of high architectural and landscape value with particular attention to the Mountains, the Italian Riviera and the South of France without neglecting the most interesting opportunities in the province of Cuneo and in the Langa in particular, as well as in the big cities of Northern Italy.

We take care of multiple aspects, from the search of the property to its valuation with particular regard to the preservation of the value that it can maintain in the future; from the conclusion of the contract to the execution of the act, involving the best professionals of the market for their competence and providing fair economic contributions.

Why Us

The progressive interest of foreign clients in real estate in Italy has required elasticity and responsiveness in services and a comprehensive assistance, elaborating new operating methods to accompany the Client not only in the process of acquisition of the property, but also in the management once the Property has been acquired. The Holiday Home requires constant supervision during the whole year, especially in ski resorts, where the real estate maintenance is a must to offer the high-end living for its Guests.

Of all this MEDIACONSUL is aware and strives to meet these conditions: Professionalism, Competence, Experience, direct knowledge of territorial dynamics combined with the overall care for the customer make him feel home away from home always. Wherever it is. Convenience of use, tranquility, security even when it comes to a last-minute arrival. Our property management services include bookkeeping, tax payment, account management, marketing, reservations, cleaning, routine and extraordinary maintenance. We have dedicated credibility and time to establish strong relationships with the best service providers for timely and quality intervention on all our projects, so that you can experience only the best.

We Introduce ourselves

Our Properties

Our Services

To experience your vacation the way YOU want, choosing What, When and How? We are pleased to offer all Housekeeping services and make the best of your home available right when it is required. It is not enough for us to take care of your property. We thrive doing the same for our guests, so we have adopted the term "Wellnesskeeping", which, for us, means adding life to your holiday moments.

The ability to manage sensitive access and actions with a single device without any constraints - a model that can be exported to any of your other properties. This offers total control by a property manager (or by the owner, notwithstanding his presence or absence) of all personnel accessing for routine and extraordinary maintenance. The level of access is fully scalable and tied to the actual needs of the expertise that needs to intervene.

Choose to be at home even thousands of miles away by managing and monitoring through a state-of-the-art data network: heating access, video surveillance, electrical voltage control and automation (blinds-weather stations-spas)

Regardless of what will be the choice of the provider (phone carrier) with 4G/5G operator, the importance of having a non-redundant signal that preserves our health and that of our loved ones and ensures the coverage of the latest generation, stable and high-quality WiFi signal in all the areas provided, depending on the performance required by the service used (surfing-streaming-IOT)

Respecting and caring for green spaces contributes to the value of our land, our Home. We take care of your outdoor spaces with caring and dedicated professionals.
Emotional space reserved for the excellence of taste and smell.
We assist our clients throughout the entire furniture and decor project thanks to the research we face daily in the world of home decor.

A beautiful and clean home thanks to personalized service with qualified operators.

Volture and new activations of all Utilities and evaluation through the dedicated broker of the best offers in the market

Dedicated current account for your banking operations in Italy.

Tax-legal and urban planning expert The pool of professionals able to assist the client in every single matter.

Snow removal for private roads, walkways, driveways, terraces and parking lots by hand or snow thrower.

Servizio di Brokers assicurativo (persona e proprietà). Offriamo attraverso partner certificati l’attività di intermediazione assicurativa su tutto il territorio nazionale e all’estero. Analisi dei rischi per conto del cliente, offerta coperture assicurative...scopri di più

Pack, store, and send any goods where you want them.

Is there too much hustle and bustle at the restaurant, or do you prefer the cosy environment where you want to have lunch or dinner for a special occasion, just right at home? No problem, we offer you "chef at home" service. Shopping, themed dinner, mise en place, sommelier service and together we can select (with the help of professionals in the field), wines and authentic local culinary highlights.

Un’immagine vale più di mille parole. L’esperienza immersiva che i nostri professionisti sono in grado di regalare con le più sofisticate tecniche di fotografia e videomaker anche attraverso l’utilizzo dei droni restituisce un esperienza visiva straordinaria; la vista dell’immobile prende vita interagendo tra spazi interni/esterni restituendo una visione globale della proprietà e del contesto in cui è inserita; un valore aggiunto per la compravendita o per fissare nel tempo un momento indimenticabile della tua Casa...scopri di più

In esclusiva per i nostri clienti, un esperienza mirata a far scoprire il selvaggio paesaggio delle Alpi Marittime dalla prateria alpina dei 2.000mt sino alla macchia mediterranea e poi giù fino al mare oppure la bellezza del territorio Langhe e Roero (Patrimonio Mondiale dell’Unesco)...scopri di più

So, have you ever thought about what walking really means? Finding one's stride, respecting one's pace, giving oneself the right break and setting off on a new journey. And when we suddenly glance down to the world from the peak, all the fatigue and effort it took to get us there will be gone, as a hiking challenge regenerates us. The experience involves the support of an experienced guide.

Should you desire to discover the surroundings by simple walks on the back of the horse or, for those who want to spend one or more days immersed in nature, participate in a trek where everything is planned and organized the choice is yours. Pure fun without compromising on horseback riding rules, safety and professionalism of guides and companions.
Would you like to immerse in the unique experience alone or with your loved ones in the field of skiing? Participate in the activities promoted by the area's Ski Clubs to initiate skiing or discover the comprehensive joy of snow by all means. No matter the level, we have the right answer for you.
We provide shuttle services by car/Suv/van (up to 9 seats) supplied with winter gear departing to/from major destinations. Helicopter transfers are also available for scenic flights.

Degustazione direttamente dal produttore a casa tua oppure presso la cantina in Langa...scopri di piu

Have you run into a minor accident or injury during your vacation? We offer you integrated home care with the come-at-able and qualified doctors, nurses and physiotherapists chosen for their competence and sensitivity.
Do you want to have the freedom to go out at night or simply take time for yourself? Rely on selected staff who allow you total independence and maximum support for your children, right in your own home. Service and care must be scheduled within at least 48h.
Monica Soave CEO
Eraldo Giubergia Property Manager
    Monica Soave CEO
    Eraldo Giubergia Property Manager