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From over 30 years, the reference for your Holiday Home.

About Us

MEDIACONSUL has been operating on the real estate market for more than 30 years. During this time it has been dedicated to the research and development of real estate projects of high architectural and landscape value with particular attention to the Mountains, the Italian Riviera and the South of France without neglecting the most interesting opportunities in the province of Cuneo and in the Langa in particular, as well as in the big cities of Northern Italy.

We take care of multiple aspects, from the search of the property to its valuation with particular regard to the preservation of the value that it can maintain in the future; from the conclusion of the contract to the execution of the act, involving the best professionals of the market for their competence and providing fair economic contributions.

Why Us

The progressive interest of foreign clients in real estate in Italy has required elasticity and responsiveness in services and a comprehensive assistance, elaborating new operating methods to accompany the Client not only in the process of acquisition of the property, but also in the management once the Property has been acquired. The Holiday Home requires constant supervision during the whole year, especially in ski resorts, where the real estate maintenance is a must to offer the high-end living for its Guests.

Of all this MEDIACONSUL is aware and strives to meet these conditions: Professionalism, Competence, Experience, direct knowledge of territorial dynamics combined with the overall care for the customer make him feel home away from home always. Wherever it is. Convenience of use, tranquility, security even when it comes to a last-minute arrival. Our property management services include bookkeeping, tax payment, account management, marketing, reservations, cleaning, routine and extraordinary maintenance. We have dedicated credibility and time to establish strong relationships with the best service providers for timely and quality intervention on all our projects, so that you can experience only the best.

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To experience your vacation the way YOU want, choosing What, When and How? We are pleased to offer all Housekeeping services and make the best of your home available right when it is required. It is not enough for us to take care of your property. We thrive doing the same for our guests, so we have adopted the term "Wellnesskeeping", which, for us, means adding life to your holiday moments.
Monica Soave CEO
Eraldo Giubergia Property Manager
Monica Soave CEO
Eraldo Giubergia Property Manager